1st intermediate floor parking garage flour factory almost ready

14 April 2020

The former flour factory on the Oosterkerkstraat in Leiden is being redeveloped into a residential area. Old factory buildings are being converted into houses, a hotel, a spa & wellness, cafes, restaurants, galleries, shops and office spaces for creative companies, but demolition and new construction are also taking place. Almost the entire complex is a national monument.

In the first phase, the old mill building and the riffel room are converted into lofts. In addition, a 3-storey underground parking garage will be built in the courtyard (after demolition of the workshop), with a new residential tower of 45 meters high on top.

Last Friday, the last part of the bottom mezzanine of the parking garage was poured. When it has hardened sufficiently, the bottom stamp frame is removed, and the top intermediate floor is started.

Screenshot public webcam

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