The 'almost ready' party at the Cheese warehouse

16 May 2017

The new Cheese warehouse in Gouda is almost ready and this was a reason for a party. Pieters as a structural engineer of this project was also invited to admire the progress of this significant project.

The Cheese warehouse The Producer at the Wachtelstraat in Gouda is a national monument and has served the past 100 years as a cheese warehouse. Now that cheese production has moved to another, this distinctive building can be developed into residential building with beautiful lofts.

In the building are 52 flexible apartments of 60-120 m2 with a large atrium in the center. Flexible means that buyers can decide how big they want their apartment. The plans keep the special role, that  it has in Gouda's cheese history, in mind. In the cozy atrium a part of the old facade is retained as a lift shaft. The history of the building is maintained by using the old cheese shelves as facade cladding and the cheese molds in the underside of the galleries.

Also check out the video about the cheese store Gouda, a film about the history and characteristics of this special building and an explanation of the architectural interventions.

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