Article in Cement about the Catharina bridge in Leiden

25 April 2017

Cement 2017/2 is out now with an interesting article about the Catharina bridge in Leiden and CUR100 clean concrete with UHSB. The article is the second article in a serie of 3. Pieters designed the construction for the Catharina bridge, which is a very slim concrete bridge, which looks like one continuous plate. The first article, 'Extreme Engineering with UHSB', was about the design. This second article is about manufacturing and the third article is about implementation. This third article will be published later this year.

To ensure that the bridge fulfilled the wishes of the municipality and the architect, a project specification has been prepared for concrete purposes using CUR Recommendation 100 'Clean concrete'. One of the subjects prescribed in this was that a work plan in concrete terms had to be prepared. This has finally become a joint report of Pieters Bouwtechniek, Hi-Con and Gebr. Schouls. 

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