Article about Post Rotterdam in trade magazine Cement

25 November 2022

The trade magazine Cement ​​​​​​ published an interesting article about Post Rotterdam, written by Pieters.

The Post Rotterdam project consists of the transformation of the existing monument and a new 154 m high tower on a table construction.

Structural design
The construction of the tower is spectacular. The table construction has columns (table legs) of 2.5 x 2.5 meters and a table top of 3.5 meters thick concrete. The tower above it has a concrete core, several transverse walls and a further column structure up to the 43rd floor. Structural constructions for balconies and a second outer facade are made outside the concrete main supporting structure. Under the tower, a parking basement with a semi-automatic parking system will be created between the mighty foot constructions

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Image: ODA, Forbes Massie

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