Blocks 'IJkpunt IJmuiden' are being delivered

21 May 2019

Near the center of IJmuiden, 4 new residential blocks have been developed on Lange Nieuwstraat, on the side of Marktplein with a few commercial spaces. The buildings were designed by Onx Architecten from Hoofddorp. They designed a striking and very beautiful complex with several buildings.

Pieters is the constructor of the four blocks that are being realized. Block A 26 homes, block B 26 homes and block C 26 homes. The blocks have 5 floors; Block D contains 30 apartments with a commercial space on the ground floor. Block D is also 5 storeys. The main entrances are on Lange Nieuwstraat. Both residents and visitors enter the building here. All houses can be reached via the central entrance via the stairs or the elevator. The houses can also be reached via the gallery at the rear. There are general parking spaces at the front and rear. Each home has its own storage.

The hulls consist of walls and floors that have been poured on site, the very varied cantilevered balconies (prefab concrete) resting on the central tenants and collars by means of Isokorfen.

This method of laying in combination with the heavy brick parapets has demanded a lot of attention with regard to controlling the deformations.At the rear are the galleries that are supported by consoles, also all prefab concrete.


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