Fire station Dirk is being restored

3 March 2022

Fire station Dirk is the oldest station still in use in the Benelux. Since 1897, this monumental building on Honthorststraat in Amsterdam, built in the style of the Rijksmuseum, has served as a base for the fire service.

After months of preparations, the time has come. The barracks will be restored and modernized with great care for a year. During the redesign of the barracks, a lot of energy was invested in restoring old elements, whereby the entire building will be natural gas-free and will receive energy label A. For example, beautiful masonry walls with ornaments are removed from behind a layer of stucco and, as can be seen on the impression images, a piece of history becomes visible again!

It is a national monument from 1870 by city architect Hendrik Leguyt.

The existing structure will be restored as much as possible. The existing wooden floors are provided to allow the construction to meet the requirements and comfort of the current time, a number of wall recesses are also made. The ground floor will be replaced by a light insulated floor.

Image: Dutch National Office for Cultural Heritage (Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed),

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