Catharinabrug wins European Concrete Award

1 November 2018

Press release

Municipality of Leiden, DP6 architecture studio, Pieters Bouwtechniek, Hi-Con and Gebr. Schoul.

The Catharinabrug in Leiden has won the European Concrete Award in the Civil Engineering category. Architect DP6 architecture studio, structural engineer Pieters Bouwtechniek, concrete supplier Hi-Con and contractor Gebr. Schouls traveled to Helsinki together to receive the award.

With a length of 36 m and a slenderness of 1:81, the Catharinabrug is the slimmest and longest UHSB bridge in the Netherlands. The bridge is S-shaped from above and has a double curved deck. The new bridge thus links an already existing shopping area with the new shopping street, the Catharinasteeg.

Due to the combination of the requirements of clearance height and gradient, it was necessary to make a very thin bridge deck. DP6 architectuurstudio therefore came up with the idea of ​​a bridge of Ultra High Strength Concrete and approached Pieters Bouwtechniek because of their experience with the material. Pieters has been working for some time with Hi-con, supplier of UHSB Compact Reinforced Composite (CRC). Edward Verschoor (Hi-Con): "By carrying out the bridge in this material, the bridge could be built very smoothly, slender and low-maintenance, an advantage for the client Municipality of Leiden.

The bridge was used with utmost precision by contractor Gebr. Schouls realized, right in the historic city center of Leiden. Jan Versteegen (Pieters Bouwtechniek): "Thanks to intensive collaboration and the sharing of specific knowledge in the team of DP6, Hi-Con, Pieters and Schouls, the unfeasible has proved possible."

A special role was reserved for the Municipality of Leiden, which managed the team as the client. This has helped ensure the achievement of a high-quality design and the acceptance of the innovative use of Ultra High Strength Concrete. Jimmy van de Aa (DP6 architecture studio): "From the start of the project, the team has had the same goal, to create and realize the best possible design in which the boundaries of the material have been looked for. The fact that the Catharinabrug wins the European Concrete Award is a culmination of the design, the cooperation and the trust of the client. "

Client: Municipality of Leiden, Leiden
Architect: DP6 architecture studio, Delft
Structural engineer: Pieters Bouwtechniek, Delft
Supplier UHSB: Hi-Con, Alblasserdam
Contractor: Gebr. Schouls, Leiden
Urban master plan: Rijnboutt, Amsterdam

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