Circular collaboration: PIT lab

14 August 2017

The PIT lab is in the Garden of BRET, the first circular and craft industry area in the Netherlands. Focus on maximum reuse of products and raw materials: from consumption to use and from linear to circular processes. The lab serves as an ultimate test case for healthy work in circular architecture. It's to work effectively and go home healthy at the end of the day.

Nine sea containers form a tough, fun place to work and meet. PIT lab is a development by DOOR architects, who will use the place as housing as well.

Many organizations make the PIT lab possible. Partners Own Fireplace, Hemubo Construction, Schipper frames, Beelen, Robu fex Construction, CBOX, Pieters Bouwtechniek and A3GEM brought in material, knowledge or experi-ence. Alba Concepts has scientifically reviewed the Circularity of the PIT lab with their Building Circularity Index.

Jeroen Verberne kicked off the first meeting with a preliminary but promising outcome. And it's not finished yet! Together with DESKO, DOOR architects will develop the interior in circulation over the coming period.

The Circular Design Lab is a physical landing site in Amsterdam for sustainable innovations, where organizations can collaborate and deepen into the circular design of a product. In the Lab designing and ideas are brought to life, encouraged and supported by Desko.

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