The Concrete Association | Structural Engineers Day 2017

23 May 2017

More than 200 structural engineers were present on the Structural Engineers Day. The conference program consisted of a master class, lectures, debates, the nomination of Structural Engineer of the Year and upcoming talent and the nomination of new Register Structural Engineers.

An interesting program of inspiring speakers. Pieters Bouwtechniek was represented in one of the lectures, our colleague Hubert Kuipers gave a presentation about Hotel Jakarta. This project is built on the head of the Java island. A main bearing structure of mainly concrete and wood with slim profiles for the facades and atrium together creates a sustainable industrial character. The large free height in the restaurant on the ground floor and the high altitude in the atrium up to 30 meters reinforce this image.

Hotel Jakarta is the tallest modular building with wooden carpentry of the world. Hotel Jakarta is also the first energy-neutral hotel in the Netherlands. PV panels are used, also in the facades, and a wko installation is used.

In the building they used a lot of wood, also as construction material. For example, in the walls and ceilings of room modules. The hotel is designed with the aim of achieving a Breeam Excellent certificate, which is consistent with the outstanding score for durability during the design competition.



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