A low footprint thanks to Plein 4 (collective building), Dennendal

12 April 2022

On behalf of the care institution Reinaerde, Bouwbedrijf A. Huurdeman and Pieters Bouwtechniek, as constructors of this project, are realizing a multi-tenant building Plein 4 on the Dennendal estate for various (supporting) functions for residents and employees. It will be a place where residents and employees come together to work and exercise. In the new building, everything comes together under one roof: daytime activities, exercise and treatment, night care and work and meeting places for the support functions. A sports hall is also being built. The project has been prepared in a construction team. The design is by Op ten Noort Bledenstein architects.

The video below by Reinaerde shows how sustainable Square 4 has been realized.

Image: screenshot video Reinaerde

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