First insulation board Strabrecht College laid

1 October 2019

The Strabrecht College in Geldrop celebrated on Monday 30 September 2019 that the first insulation board for the new building was laid. The official act was carried out by director Yvonne Leenen and alderman Rob van Otterdijk.

The location for the new building is right next to the current building, a stone's throw from the Strabrecht heath in Geldrop. A beautiful location surrounded by trees. One of the characteristic elements of the current building, the patios, is reflected in the new building. They bring light deep into the building, giving the opportunity to teach outside.

Because the new course becomes energy neutral and the latest innovations are applied, such as a cold and heat pump, it is also instructive to follow the construction. This can be done via strabrechtcollegeinprogress. a camera continuously records the construction work.

The new building must be ready by 1 July 2020. With this new school, Strabrecht College is preparing for the future. It concerns a new-build assignment of approximately 8,000 m2 GFA.

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