Entrance building Amsterdam UMC, location AMC

3 March 2022

The Entrance Building of Amsterdam UMC at the AMC location is a design by Studio Nuy Van Noort / temp.architecture.urbanism / Studio BLAD. Pieters Bouwtechniek. Pieters Bouwtechniek is the constructor of this transparent entrance building.

The core of the building is the central reception hall in the form of a glass pavilion. The building has been realized in a park-like landscape, which can be used by patients, visitors, employees, students and local residents. With a footbridge from the station to the hospital, the forecourt and Holendrecht station now form a beautiful organic whole. The new entrance building was taken into use in mid-December 2021.

The entrance pavilion, which aims to be warm, welcoming and soothing, contrasts strongly with the monolith of the existing building, which can be experienced as overwhelming and intimidating due to its size and coarse use of materials. This contrast is not only caused by the free design of the pavilion, but also by the use of materials. The facades and the roof are refined and light due to the curved glass and the slender steel profiles. The interior has a natural, warm appearance due to the use of, for example, wooden railings and wood veneer on the closed walls and the fixed furniture, such as the counter. High concrete plinths make the public interior robust and maintenance-friendly.

Pieters' work
Pieters provided constructive advice from the VO phase up to and including the Implementation. Well thought-out details ensure that the installations are integrated as much as possible into the thickness of the construction, without making concessions to aspects such as acoustics, building physics and fire resistance. For example, the rainwater drains have been incorporated into the steel columns, which has contributed to a sleek appearance. Furthermore, the 4 large columns with a diameter of Ø800mm stand out; these stabilize the roof. And a large curved staircase with a fully glass balustrade leads visitors from the parking floor up to the entrance of the hospital.

Image: Gerritjan Huinink Fotografie

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