First pile of most sustainable chocolate factory

29 November 2018

Jesper and Julian, the sons of the founders of Chocolatemakers, heralded the first pile so we can start building. The new factory will receive a transparent roof of solar panels and fully provide for its own energy consumption. This makes Chocolatemakers chocolate factory unique in the World.

The Chocolatemakers want to show that the entire cocoa chain can be transparent, fair and sustainable from farmer to consumer. That means that they innovate on all fronts. Here they go far beyond fair trade or bio alone; environmentally friendly transport and nature protection are also part of this. They believe in a holistic approach. In 2014 they have already been proclaimed the most sustainable SME in Amsterdam and they are now further refining by showing that you have to innovate further if they want to make the entire cocoa chain more sustainable.

So it is time for the next step: a completely 'off the grid' factory. The roof is made entirely of transparent solar panels and meets our total electrical requirement. They use as much circular material as possible. The next step is that they also want to sustain the burning of beans. But first realize this building.


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