Holenkwartier, the former Philips site in Hoorn

24 January 2022

Holenkwartier is the name of the new living and working area on the site of the former Philips site in Hoorn. In total, approximately 400 homes are being built. In addition, 5000 square meters has been reserved for catering and other facilities. There will also be various workplaces and studios. The two factory halls with semi-circular roofs, built in the 1960s, are being renovated.

The district will be gas-free, the homes will be almost energy neutral.

The ground-level homes of phase 1a of the project are almost ready, with completion in April 2022. Phase 1b has been started, the first pile was driven in mid-January 2022. In this phase, a parking garage will be realized with apartments and so-called deck houses above.

Holenkwartier offers space for 300 owner-occupied homes, 80 social rental homes and 20 medium-priced rental homes. It therefore concerns a variety of housing types for a broad and dynamic target group. You will soon find loft homes, studios, living/working homes and city homes.

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