Highest point HWC Amsterdam South Connection

8 December 2020

The highest point of the Amsterdam South Connection Auxiliary Heat Plant was reached by lifting the instrumentation room onto the Heat Accumulation Tank (HAT). 95 tons is lifted with a 700 tons and a 300 tons crane from Mammoet.

This auxiliary heat plant is being built forVattenfall and will feed the Amsterdam district heating network. It is located in the triangle between the A4 motorway and the A10 ring road and the metro and train tracks.

Construction consultancy Strackee provided the structural design. Pieters Bouwtechniek and Pieters Bouwkunde were commissioned by the contractor Friso to provide the constructive elaboration and architectural elaboration respectively. The steel construction is supplied byKampstaal, the technical installations by Engie and the vessel by  Bilfinger.

The video below shows how the instrumentation room is lifted up.

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