Highest point Singeltoren Meelfabriek in Leiden

10 September 2021

Highest point Singeltoren
The highest point of the Singeltoren of the Flour factory ​(​​​Meelfabriek) in Leiden has recently been reached. In 9 months, this tower shot up from the ground to the 13th floor to a height of 45 meters. To reach such a climax, a fascinating process of collaboration is a must. From the architect's drawing board to the calculation of the stability by the constructor and from placing the 750 concrete elements to preparing all the electricity, every link counts.

Ed Zwart, technical director at main contractor Van der Wiel Bouw,  explains what it takes in the video below.

Flour factory
The former flour factory on Oosterkerkstraat in Leiden is being redeveloped into a residential area. Old factory buildings are being converted into homes, a hotel, a spa & wellness, cafes, restaurants, galleries, shops and office spaces for creative companies, but there is also demolition and new construction taking place. Almost the entire complex is a national monument.

Pieters Bouwtechniek is the structural advisor for this transformation project.

Image: screenshot video
Image: screenshot video

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