"Don't count on you doing the same thing day in day out"

30 September 2019

Danny Pietersen started as an intern at Pieters ten years ago and has been able to develop into a modeler and constructor in those years. "What started with drawing a simple extension has grown into hotels, apartment complexes, industrial buildings, parking garages and schools."

Danny did his graduate internship with Pieters, remained stuck for holiday work and then started working as a CAD draftsman. To be able to count well in addition to drawing, he followed a post-college education via Pieters. He slowly rolled in the direction of constructor. “This combination is the ideal world for me. As a modeller, I am well versed in construction, so that I can already do a lot of preliminary work for the constructor in the design phase. In other words: I know what I have to draw to make it constructively possible. That way I can go in several directions. It just depends on how it works out within a project. That flexibility is great, not only for myself but also for the company, ”says Danny.

He works on a variety of projects, one time as a modeler and the other time as a constructor. “What started with drawing a simple extension has grown to make 3D models of hotels, apartment complexes, industrial buildings, parking garages and schools. At Pieters you can go in any direction, because no two projects are the same. ”Danny mentions the construction of Stadionplein Zuidblok, Stadionplein-Zuidblok.pnga hotel and a culinary center with an underground parking garage. “What makes this building unique is the huge steel overhang of sixteen meters without support. You don't often experience that. ”

But there is also plenty to do internally. Such as making manuals and scripts for Revit, the program with which Pieters makes parametric 3D models. “The added value of these scripts is that it simplifies our work. I would therefore like to continue with it in the coming years. The great thing about working at Pieters is that this is also possible: you get all the space and opportunities to develop yourself. ”

Danny is far from bored with Pieters. “It is a fresh and young company with an open structure and great colleagues. And because we are one of the largest independent construction consultancy firms in the Netherlands, the diversity of projects is enormous, both internally and externally. We also anticipate the future by placing a lot of emphasis on topics such as sustainability. In other words: if you come to work at Pieters, you definitely do not have to count on you doing the same thing day in day out. ”

Pieters is looking for reinforcement!
Are you ambitious and do you want to contribute to special and complex construction projects at home and abroad? Then come and work at Pieters. We offer an open working atmosphere with enthusiastic and knowledgeable colleagues. You also get excellent opportunities for development and development within the field. Check our vacancies quickly and who knows, we'll talk to you soon!

Danny Pietersen

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