Jeroen Henneman contributes to Amsterdam light festival

30 November 2018

With the realization of more than 200 works of art since 2012, Amsterdam Light Festival has developed into one of the largest light art festivals in Europe. In a short time light art has been made known to a large audience. Every year artists from around the world work on a new exhibition that is made especially for Amsterdam. After the premiere in Amsterdam, a number of these works of art end up in the permanent collection that transitions the world.

This year, the famous Amsterdam artist Jeroen Henneman is our guest of honor. Henneman, who is particularly known for his sculptures that look like 'standing drawings', develops two artworks for the exhibition especially for the festival and a 'limited edition' that will be for sale in a limited edition.

Jeroen Henneman describes One Lamp as a 'standing drawing'. That drawing - from a simple desk lamp - he made with one long, flowing line of light, which is not carried by the paper but by the air. The handmade glass tube with neon light beautifully reproduces Henneman's handwriting.

Pieters is the structural engineer for this creative project.


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