Koning Willem I College wins National Timber Construction Prize 2021

25 November 2021

The Koning Willem I College in 's-Hertogenbosch is the winner of the National Timber Construction Prize, within the business timber construction category.

From the jury report: 'A daring design at a competitive cost. A total concept in which wood predominates and will always show itself, no matter what happens to the building. We opt for a daring construction and for the difference a building can make in the appreciation of the people who function in it. Designed by young architects with vision and guts, and in which the wooden construction also forms important inspiration and learning material for a large group of users.

The National Timber Construction Prize
The aim of the National Timber Construction Prize is to stimulate building with wood in the Netherlands. It is an initiative of Het Houtblad, an independent trade magazine for the design and construction of wooden buildings. The National Timber Construction Prize rewards projects. Anyone can submit a timber construction project. An expert jury selects, nominates and awards four awards.

Koning William I College
With the new building, the Koning Willem I College is bringing together various MBO locations on the Education Boulevard. Ultimately, this will create two large campuses: a campus on the Education Boulevard and a campus on the Vlijmenseweg. The absolute eye-catcher of the project is the new entrance building, which will be placed in front of the existing building. As a result, the square on the Education Boulevard will be more connected to the environment. What is special is that the five-storey entrance building has a completely wooden supporting structure. This makes it one of the first buildings in the Netherlands to use such a construction on this scale.

Pieters is a construction consultant for this special wood project.

Project partners:
Client: Koning Willem I Collegee
Architect: Nieuwe Architecten
Fire technical advisor: ZRi
Installation advisor: Klictet
Building physics: ZRi


Image: Stijn Poelstra fotografie en video
Image: Stijn Poelstra fotografie en video

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