Last pole for POST Rotterdam

27 September 2022

The last pile of POST Rotterdam recently went into the ground, the piling work has been completed. Construction is now moving on to the next phase.

By the way, the drilling is not quite finished yet, this week the piles of the crane base are still going into the ground.

POST Rotterdam
POST  Rotterdam, the former main post office of Rotterdam, is a national monument and one of the few remaining historical buildings in Rotterdam. It is located on the Coolsingel next to the historic town hall. The monument will house a hotel and a new apartment tower will be built in the former courtyard. This apartment tower will be 150 meters high and will be placed on a 25 meter high table construction.

Structural design
The structure of the tower is spectacular. The table structure has columns (table legs) of 2.5 x 2.5 meters and a table top of 3.5 meters thick concrete. The tower above it has a concrete core, some transverse walls and a column structure up to the 43rd floor. Architectural structures for balconies and a second outer wall will be made outside the main concrete load-bearing structure. Under the tower, a parking basement is being made between the mighty base structures with a semi-automatic parking system.

The developer of the project is Omnam Group and Pieters Bouwtechniek provides the constructive advice.

Webcam image: FRP Productions
Artist impression: ODA, Forbes Massie

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