Markerwadden wins Dutch Design Award

2 November 2021

The integral design of the Marker Wadden nature islands has won the Dutch Design Award (DDA) in the 'Habitat' category.

Dutch Design Awards
Dutch Design Awards (DDA)  annually reward the best Dutch designers and their most impressive and groundbreaking projects. Different disciplines, perspectives and solutions are considered in light of the impact they have on our society. This makes Dutch Design Awards a booster for the profession as a whole. The best Dutch design, placed on a pedestal and in perspective.

Marker Wadden
The Marker Wadden Settlement has been built on the new land of the Markerwadden, an archipelago in the Markermeer.

Prefab wooden houses with a steel frame are assembled and completely finished in the workshop of Strandbaak in Utrecht. They were then transported by truck and ship to the “archipelago” Markerwadden, where they were anchored on steel screw piles. After installation, they were immediately ready for use.

The settlement consists of administration and temporary residence buildings, which include administrators' quarters, group accommodation, newsagent, field station, and shed. There is also a beach bar, an island guard and an artist's studio. The whole is sustainably built and completely self-sufficient.

Pieters Bouwtechniek is construction consultant for the project.

Jury report
The jury says the following about the winning project: “Marker Wadden creates a new kind of experience with nature in the leading role; an urgent and exemplary project. An impressive, non-human-oriented approach, which largely leaves the design of the landscape to nature. Made to experience in an attractive way, without disturbing the natural processes on the islands. A walk on the Marker Wadden is an almost museum experience of what happens when you put nature first and how quickly ecology can regenerate if you facilitate that. Here, various assignments are brought together in an exemplary manner. Both the integral, nature-inclusive vision and the teamwork of the many parties involved deserve to be followed.”

Image: Theo Baart
Image: Theo Baart
Image: Theo Baart
Image: Theo Baart
Image: Theo Baart

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