MPG requirements expected to be sharper in 2021 and 2030

20 January 2020

Minister Ollongren has announced that circular construction receives extra attention in the building regulations, by sending a letter to the House of Representatives containing various action points.

For example, a uniform measurement method will be developed for determining the circularity of buildings. The minister indicates that he wants to do this by expanding the existing MPG system. The minister also announces that on the basis of this, requirements will be set for the circularity of buildings, both legally through building regulations and through tendering for government contracts.

From Pieters, we follow these developments closely, in order to be able to provide the best possible advice on circular constructions.

In addition, the minister announced that the environmental performance requirements for buildings (MPG) will be tightened in 2021 and 2030. The maximum value that currently applies to the MPG is easily achieved in most cases and, moreover, only applies to new homes and offices . When the MPG requirement will be tightened, it will become increasingly important for us as a manufacturer to determine and take into account the MPG value of different variants.

In addition to calculating the MPG value, a sustainable structural design can also be realized in other ways. Knowing more? Then look at this page.

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