Marker Wadden nominated for ARC20 Urban Design Award

12 November 2020

Settlement Marker Wadden by Palmbout Urban Landscapes and Ziegler/Branderhorst stedenbouw en architectuur has been nominated for the ARC20 Stedenbouw Award.

The ARC20 Urban Design Award
The ARC20 Urban Design Award aims to stimulate and draw attention to professional urban development work. With the award, the publishers aim to reward urban planners who are tackling some of the most pressing issues of our time, from population growth and housing shortage to environmental problems and climate change. Plans that contribute to a liveable city and the well-being of society: that is what the ARC20 Urban Design Award is all about.

Other nominees for this Awrard are De Nieuwe Kern in Ouder-Amstel by West8 and ZOHO Rotterdam by Echo Urban Design.

Settlement Marker Wadden
Settlement Marker Wadden consists of an ensemble of buildings that are situated near the harbor of the new nature island in the Markermeer. The settlement blends into the natural environment and offers visitors, managers and researchers shelter from the harsh climate of the Markermeer.

The ARC20 Awards will be presented on 12 November from 7 p.m.

Image: Theo Baart

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