New IKC for Township Gooise Meren: IKC Muiden

30 March 2018

The Municipality of Gooise Meren will have a new integral child center: IKC Muiden. The IKC has a nice central location in the center of Muiden, which will be realized on the site of the former powder factory. The IKC will have a tough industrial appearance, matching the rich history of this special place.

In November, SVP organized a workshop with school children. SVP is responsible for the design of the new building. The new IKC teaches in 'units' instead of separate classrooms. Three groups are taught in each unit. During the workshop, the children were allowed to participate in the design process to indicate what they prefer to see in their unit. With the help of inspiring reference images, the children came up with great ideas!

Pieters is involved in this project as a Structural engineer.


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