Gulden Feniks for De Wereldburger and De Voortuinen, Amsterdam

14 November 2022

On November 10, the 3 awarded projects of the NRP Gulden Feniks 2022 were announced. The winners from the Pieters portfolio are the renovated school De Wereldburger in the Renovation category, and the transformation project De Voortuinen in the Transformation category, both in Amsterdam. The other winner is the area transformation of Kerkebosch in Zeist in the area development category.

In addition, as an extra prize a wild card was awarded for the transformation of De Utrecht into Leeuwarden. The awards were presented during the NRP Congress, which took place this year in the Fort of Hoofddorp; one of last year's winners.

Primary school De Wereldburger - Renovation category
Primary school De Wereldburger in Amsterdam Nieuw-West is getting a second life. Based on the design of Gianni Cito of Moke Architecten , the 1960s building is being transformed into a warm, open learning environment with a lively auditorium as the beating heart. The concrete structure of the school building will be preserved. Moke Architects expanded the school building with an auditorium and classrooms. Large windows make the building open and light. A lot of wood is used throughout the building. From the coat racks to the stairs and from the cupboards to the kitchens. The building has been built in a circular manner as much as possible.

Circular building materials have been used as much as possible. The auditorium has a beautiful wooden construction as the beating heart of the building, with an imposing wooden stage staircase and tribune. This auditorium and staircase are made of high-quality circular wood, originating from a demolished gymnasium elsewhere in the city. In addition, you will find recycled wooden ceilings, Sfynx sinks, doors and kitchen interior in the building.

From the jury report: "The jury praises the ambition of the municipality of Amsterdam and the way in which it has fulfilled its role as client, and the efforts of the architect also deserve praise. The strength of the simplicity and the inventiveness with which the school in a natural , has been renovated in a well-considered and careful way is impressive; the materials from elsewhere have been cleverly reused. It must be a pleasure to be taught and taught at this fine school. The task of the World Citizen is common throughout the Netherlands and can be a good be an example for other schools."

De Voortuinen, Westerpark West - Transformation category
In the coming years, client Pinnacle will develop the ING buildings on Haarlemmerweg into an attractive residential area with 600 to 900 homes. According to the architectural design of Elephant, the building De Voortuinen will be raised with three extra floors and widened by approx. 3 meters along the perimeter of the building with a cantilevered construction all around (prefab concrete on steel consoles). The building ultimately has 14 floors and owes its project name, De Voortuinen, to the striking use of tree tubs in this projecting construction and the housing access via the outside of the building.

The existing concrete cores will be radically converted into wet areas in the homes. The stability of the building is obtained from the existing core in combination with new elevator shafts elsewhere in the building. The foundation of the building is reinforced.

From the jury report: In the transformation that gave a former Postbank building a new identity, an ingenious solution was found for the reuse of a tower with a concrete skeleton. The jury is unanimous in its enthusiasm. All credit for this project goes to the architect, who has performed his role skillfully and admirably. He has managed to create a new access typology as an example for many transformation tasks.

During the visit, the jury was already very positive and impressed with the Voortuinen; from access, housing type, terraces to the tree planters.

NRP Golden Phoenix
The NRP Gulden Feniks is awarded annually by the NRP to clients, designers and construction parties in the Transformation, Renovation and Area Transformation categories. You can find the 48 projects submitted for the 2022 edition hier.

The jury that assessed the entries consisted of Geurt van Randeraat, chairman (SITE urban development), Harry Abels (Abels & Partners Architecten), Thijs Asselbergs (Thijs Asselbergs Architectuurcentrale and professor TU Delft), Dirk Baalman (construction and architecture historian), Bess Blomjous (Studio Bess), Jack Hock (Strijp-S, Trudo Foundation), Jaap Wiedenhoff (ABT) and Sabine Renders (Hembrugterrein). Secretary of the jury was Cilly Jansen m.v. Margot de Jager (Architecture Local).


De Wereldburger | Photo: Thijs Wolzak
De Voortuinen

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