Design team Expedition in Poeldijk is known

31 January 2023

On 25 January, the Lucas Education Foundation awarded the design assignment to Paul de Ruiter Architects and Pieters Bouwtechniek. In Poeldijk, ISW Irenestraat (part of Lucas Education), WSKO De Nieuwe Weg and Childcare Simba are joining forces to realize a joint new building, the Expeditie. This means that the Expedition will have one school for childcare, primary and secondary education, including a teenage college.

The guiding principle in this new building is that children can develop in a continuous learning path from daycare to their secondary school age. The choice of the design team is based, among other things, on their vision, composition and experience.

The design phase of the building starts with the choice of the design team. Based on input from the organizations involved and input from the environment, the design team immediately starts with a sketch design. The aim is for ideas to come to life around the summer holidays and a preliminary design can be presented.

About the Expedition
The Expedition is a concept for education and care in one building where children work in a smooth continuous development and learning line. This process started from the core values dare to dream, connection and trust. Children are better challenged on the path and towards their final destination through more customization and are encouraged to discover and develop their talents. At the Expedition you are known and acknowledged and you can be and become who you are. We look for connection with ourselves, the other and the world around us. With guts and love.

Picture: Michel Heerkens fotografie

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