Opening of the Superhub Meerstad in Groningen

7 November 2022

Last week in Meerstad was the official opening of the most beautiful Jumbo Supermarket in the Netherlands, the Superhub. From now on this special supermarket is open to shoppers.

The Superhub is a sustainable and flexible building with space for meeting, including a health center, café and the supermarket of the future. A Superhub is the modern variant of the supermarket. It is a building where you can do your shopping, but which also offers an additional program.

The Superhub in Meerstad has a fully wooden supporting structure with large spans and cantilevers. The diagonal grid construction in the roof surface is a collaboration of laminated main girders, sub girders and connecting girders, all with the same dimensions of 200x600 mm.

Wood is a bio-based and circular building material and therefore forms a perfect basis for a healthy building. The building is therefore fully in line with Meerstad's sustainability ambition.

You can read more about the construction on our project page of the Superhub.

The design is by De Zwarte Hond, construction and realization by Brands Bouw. The development is a collaboration between Bureau Meerstad and MWPO. Pieters Bouwtechniek is responsible for the structural design.



Image: Ronald Zijlstra
Image: Ronald Zijlstra
Image: Ronald Zijlstra
Image: Ronald Zijlstra

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