Pieters Bouwtechniek part of co-makership HoogWonen

8 September 2017

August 31, Pieters Bouwtechniek has signed the cooperation agreement with Trebbe and 16 co-makers. The formalization of cooperation took place at the Trebbe HoogWonen project 108 apartments Blokhoeve Nieuwegein. The cooperation agreement means that these co-makers work together for all projects based on the Trebbe HoogWonen Concept.

Co-makership; quality, optimization and efficiency
The main purpose of this collaboration is to ensure not only the quality of the buildings, but also continuously. At the same time, more efficiently working is a goal that is being pursued. As a result, an optimal value for money. The motto is: Building with passion, living with pleasure!

Solid base 
HoogWonen is the concept for stacked housing and offers a complete apartment complex in the base. Affordability, flexibility and quality go hand in hand with HoogWonen. Trebbe started in early 2016 with the further development of the concept. In the meanwhile HoogWonen has been fully developed in two different types; gallery closure and central access, including different finishing levels and sustainability scenarios. "I am very proud, that we started this development  one-and-a-half year ago and now accomplished this milestone." says Rob van der Jagt, director of Trebbe West. "I am convinced that with these seventeen carefully chosen parties we have laid a solid foundation for HoogWonen."

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