Pieters designs renovation and new building CLV

9 April 2018

In May 2019 the structure of a new and future-oriented Christian Lyceum in Veenendaal will start. Re-search has been carried out for a completely new building in a different location, this was not feasible, so the CLV remains at the familiar location at Kerkewijk.

Various scenarios have been elaborated and the ultimate choice was made for renovation and new struc-ture. It is safe to intervene in the structure and, for example, to remove intermediate walls, floors and pillars. Of course, the forces must be taken care of. The low middle section is too bad to renovate.

There are also arguments for a new structure. What you could achieve in terms of environmental benefits by renovating could be lost because the environmental performance of a new building is higher. In short: various studies into the value of renovation versus a new structure show different results. According to one, renovating is cheaper, according to the other it is more expensive. The architect has the assignment to find an optimal mix between a new structure where necessary and renovation where possible.

It is special to note that the architects are charmed by the rhythm of the concrete structure. In the new design, this will remain visible in packaged form (because of the much needed insulation).


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