Pieters Information Delivery Specification 'P.ILS'

8 October 2018

With the BIM Basic Information Delivery Specification 'BIM Basis ILS' a line was finally drawn with a number of clear agreements that a building model had to meet to a minimum. This BIM Basis ILS is written by a group of contractors but also for a group of contractors. On a number of points he does not fit in well with the constructive principles that we, as Pieters, incorporate into our models. De Pieters Information Delivery Specification 'P.ILS' is the constructive implementation of the 'BIM Basis ILS' and serves as the basis for all Pieters models.

As Pieters, for example, we do not process WBDBO (fire separation requirement) in our models because this is not a constructive property of the material. Usually only a part of the structural wall has the property WBDBO and needs to be 'cut up' in different pieces. Cutting these elements, other than for constructively required properties, is therefore incorrect. Furthermore, as Pieters, we have chosen to include all validated constructive information in the element under one tab, the 'Pset_Pieters'.

The 'Pset_Pieters' is an efficient and effective way to secure, verify and retrieve all validated information.

For more information about the 'P.ILS' please contact one of our BIMMERS via mlubbers@pieters.net.

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