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19 July 2018

The Three Kings is a plan for 3 silos on Zeeburgereiland in Amsterdam with children's play facility, wellness, event space and one-room hotel, food lab, brewing café, catering, office space and three public roof terraces.

The different functions must interest a wide audience. The various functions ensure that there is always something fun to your liking, during the day or in the evening, for young and old.

The silos have been made into impressive icons by architectural firm Elephant and development combination Vinkbouw and Grayfield, without detracting from the rawness of the existing silos.

The new plan is named after the Three Kings from the Christmas story: Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar. The most striking aspect of the design is the extra layer that is created on the silos. On top of the current 23 meters of concrete we created a wooden structure of 15 meters. According to architect Menno Kooistra, consciously chosen for these different materials. Although the building dates from the 1980s, it can still be considered as one of the few historical vestiges on Zeeburgereiland. It was therefore important to respect the industrial character. According to the architect, the 'concrete look' is maintained by the choice for a wooden structure that does not fit seamlessly. First there will be an audience in the middle of each silo and then the superstructure will follow as a sort of cap in a bottle.

Vastgoed Journaal wrote an article about the Three Kings (in Dutch).

Pieters is proud to be a structural engineer for this impressive project.


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