Pieters projects elected for the A'dam New Build Price 2019

24 May 2019

What is the best or most beautiful new construction project in Amsterdam? The answer to that question is getting closer now that the final for the Amsterdam New Building Price 2019 has begun.

Ons Podium
One of the nominated projects is the Pieters project Ons Podium. This project is a unique concept where the future residents literally take the stage together and make their own living wishes come true. The building consists of 58 spacious apartments, of which a number of bright lofts on the ground floor offer space for living-work studios or small-scale business units.

Via this link you can vote online at Ons Podium.

The Funenhof is a modern, small-scale courtyard of 8 single-family homes with a communal inner garden. There is direct access to a large park where children can safely explore. You can walk into the park from the communal courtyard. An ideal and safe place for young families.

You can vote on Funenhof via this link.

Ons Podium
Ons Podium

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