Pieters structural designer expansion DC Hendriks group

20 November 2018

CJ Hendriks Group, founded in 1840, is a family business specializing in international logistics services for special product categories and bulk shipments. With three warehouses in the port of Amsterdam, the company provides transport, storage, value-added logistics and customs clearance. Products are supplied, possibly processed, stored and transported on demand to anywhere in the world. Under the motto 'Leave it to us', they offer their client tailor-made work with more than 175 years of expertise.

CJ Hendriks Group has approximately 40,000 m² of storage space. These business premises are arranged in such a way that the products are stored under optimal conditions. The entire stock management is administratively automated. In addition to the normal storage options, the company has the possibility of heating and cooling storage. With specialized transport equipment and ± 20,000 pallet places, a logistics product is delivered to size by CJ Hendriks Group. Separated from the other storage facilities, CJ Hendriks Group offers the possibility to store hazardous substances.

The construction of the hall consists of prestressed TT (D) (T) roof plates that rest on prestressed and reinforced prefab concrete girders. These girders rest on concrete columns that further improve the stability of the half-cares. The middle columns are well-founded and clamped on 4-pole spans and the edge columns are designed as pendulums and based on 2-pile spools. This principle is necessary to ensure the stability of the columns.

Pieters Bouwtechniek is the main designer of this project and has made the structural design. Main contractor is Conferm in Tilburg. Start construction is planned for week 48 2018.


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