Pieters structural engineer: for project BLK14

11 February 2020

BLK14 will be located directly next to the Vathorst station, so you can walk into the center area. A beautiful place, close to all amenities. The location of BLK14 is on Stationsplein and at the end of the route through the shopping center.

There will be a highly closed block on the station square: in this "warehouse" all the storages, with the letters VATHORST, will be visible from two sides on the train. This makes it immediately clear where you live! The elongated building is subdivided into 3 atmospheres with references to Kampen (the profile of the battlements from the city coat of arms), Zwolle (the cross in yellow brick) and Harderwijk (the gold bars from the coat of arms). The execution is in traditional Dutch brick with beautiful brickwork details such as the frame of the entrance door on the station square and the open Brazilian brickwork of the ground floor. The lighting of the ground floor shines through in the evening.

The total building that is being realized has 36 apartments.

The basement of with parking spaces and bicycle parking under the apartment blocks is half deep in relation to the existing road. On the ground floor, the building connects to the station square level. There is also the entrance with the mailboxes, with the commercial space next to it, for example for a small coffee shop aimed at rail passengers. The storage warehouse and the apartment building are connected with a high glass hall. They seem to be separate, but still belong together.

Both the substructure of the storage block and the apartment block consist entirely of concrete poured into the work. From the 1st floor, wide slab floors, sand-lime brick walls and prefab balconies, galleries and end walls are used. Because of its location near the track, a test has been carried out with regard to vibrations and noise caused by passing trains.

Artist impression: BRON architectuur
Artist impression: BRON architectuur
Artist impression: BRON architectuur
Artist impression: BRON architectuur

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