Pieters supports sport

6 August 2018

Various sport clubs are sponsored from Pieters. We want sports to be possible for everyone, so we are happy to contribute.

An example of a sports club is Kinheim. Kinheim's ambition to offer a qualitatively optimal youth training and to play baseball at the highest level within a few years. This can only be realized with good financial support.

Royal HFC
A special association that enjoys national acclaim through the annual New Year's Contest against the Ex-Internationals. Despite the high age, the association is alive, vital and modern. For example, the Royal has no less than 1200 youth members! Founder Pim Mulier would not have wanted anything more.

RFC Haarlem
RFC Haarlem is ambitious both inside and outside the field. We are working hard on building a new accommodation. It will be a classic English club house.


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