Pieters is working on wooden apartments in Pijnacker

11 June 2021

After the selection of three developers, the municipality of Pijnacker-Nootdorp announced at the end of 2020 that Blauwhoed scored best with its plan for the former location of the Stanislas College. About 100 apartments built in wood will be built on the site. On Thursday 10 June, the purchase agreement for the development of the location was signed by both parties.

The winning plan 'Casa Vita' was devised by Blauwhoed, Pieters BouwtechniekUrban Energy, KOW Architecten ​​​​​​and many others. The municipality of Pijnacker-Nootdorp assessed the plan as innovative, ambitious and sustainable. The development task at this location has been fleshed out with attention to current themes such as 'future-oriented', 'longer at home', 'inclusiveness' and 'mixed living'.

Alderman Frank van Kuppeveld was immediately very enthusiastic about Blauwhoed's plan. “It is a unique plan in a fantastic location. The neighborhood association and local residents were closely involved in the selection of the developer. It's great that this plan will lead to new homes for seniors and first-time buyers, including social housing. Casa Vita will be a real asset to our municipality.”


Healthy living and living
A healthy residential and living community, that is the starting point of Casa Vita. With a mix of price ranges for a broad target group, both young and old can find a new place to live here. In the plan there are plenty of opportunities to meet and move in the park zone or shared courtyard. But neighbors also meet in the shared living rooms and in the greenhouse near the green zone. Health and the stimulation of social interaction are paramount in the plan.

“I am extremely proud of the plan we have made,” says development manager Joris Burggraaff. “A plan of high quality in terms of architecture, nature and the relationship with the environment. Very ambitious, but appropriate for this location.”

Wooden building
Focused on the future, Casa Vita will be built in wood. Buildings made of wood are very sustainable, store CO2 and can also be reused in the future. In addition, living in a naturally designed environment demonstrably leads to a healthier and conscious lifestyle. The buildings will be set in a park-like landscape where various plantations specific to the area will enhance biodiversity and footpaths will invite you to move. Growing vegetables in the shared greenhouse also contributes to a healthy and communal life in this place.


Co-creation and participation
The plan will be further elaborated in the near future together with the future residents, local residents, the Rondom Wonen housing association and the municipality of Pijnacker-Nootdorp. In various co-creation sessions, work is being done on a neighborhood in which 'ownership' is anchored from the ground up. A neighborhood that people are proud of and remain.

If you are interested or want to participate in the co-creation sessions, you can register via: https://www.wonenincasavita.nl/

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