P.iLS in research into ILS within the Netherlands

17 October 2019

A study has been conducted from the 'BIM loket' about ILS initiatives in the Netherlands. The Pieters Information Delivery Specification (P.iLS) emerged as one of the 24 existing ILSs in the Netherlands. The research says the following about the P.iLS:

  • "Proprietary variation on the BIM Basic ILS. Broadly describes how Pieters models and delivers supporting structures to IFC.
  • So is not really a specification of an information request, but a specification of an information offer: "This is what you get from Pieters".
  • Can be declared applicable in contract between Pieters and construction company (or other principal)."

With this, the researchers have correctly described the reason for P.iLS. "This is what you get from Pieters" → The starting point for the quotation!

In the list below we are therefore a "supplying party" in which all other parties are "requesting parties". Not all of the "ingredients" below apply to us, and yet we have more than the standard Basic ILS.


(source: Attachment  1 presentation survey)

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