Progress Flour Factory Leiden

11 November 2019

The former Flour Factory on the Oosterkerkstraat in Leiden is being redeveloped into a residential area. Old factory buildings are being converted into homes, but demolition and new construction are also taking place. A large part of the complex is a national monument, the existing appearance and character of this is preserved as much as possible.

Recently the 3-layer underground parking garage was pumped empty, it was full of water. The parking garage will be realized in a construction pit with underwater concrete, with a very open character (columns center to center approximately 8 meters in both directions). Van der Wiel Bouw is building a 45-meter-high residential tower on part of the parking garage. The garage will accommodate 320 cars and is intended for both the future residents of the complex and for the customers and employees of the companies on the Meelfabriek site.

Pumping out the parking garage gives a spectacular timelapse.

Stempelraam bouwput Meelfabriek

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