The project ‘Ons Podium’ has been finished

5 April 2018

The project ‘Ons Podium’ is a unique concept in which the future residents literally take the stage together and make their own living wishes a reality! The building consists of 58 spacious apartments, of which on the ground floor a number of bright lofts provide space for homework workshops or small-scale business units.

In collaboration with Ontwikkel Samen and Vink Bouw we developed the Ons Platform project in Amsterdam West on Schipluidenlaan, just 3 minutes from Station Lelylaan. Ons Podium is located in an area that will develop into a cozy and dynamic neighborhood in the coming years. New homes, self-build projects, breeding grounds, indoor gardens, a catering and culture pavilion and a Talent building will be built. There are also plans to renew the station area.

The design of the building is based on a flexible floor plan. This means that the available surface area in the building can be classified by the future residents themselves. This creates opportunities to make the apartments smaller or larger or to create an apartment on two different floors, which creates attractive possibilities for a residential work unit. You can also determine the number of rooms and the finish yourself.

The special feature of this project is that there are planters around the building on each floor. These planters are made of prefabricated concrete and the heaviest weighs approx. 10,000 kg.


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