Round floors require round reinforcement!

20 September 2018

In the design of this round floor it soon became clear that orthogonal arming was not an option. This is why this floor is fully radially and tangentially reinforced, where each curved bar has a different radius of curvature and the rods fan out at right angles. As soon as the floor is ready, it will project around 5.5 meters from the reinforced ring beam that runs over the 12 concrete columns. After pouring this floor, they will perform this trick once more for the upper roof floor; the geometric mirror image of this floor with the reinforced ring beam projecting just above the floor instead of underneath.

When the building is finished, it will be the new head office of Krinkels, a total contractor in the field of Green, Infra, Water and Sport. Krinkels likes to work on a beautiful, safe, clean and green environment. They now also carry this out at the new head office in Breda. The outdoor space is set up green with seats for meetings and lunches in the open air. The interior space is also green for a stress-free environment in which people's well-being is central. The building will be equipped with 80 workstations and will include the head office for Krinkels and Mostert De Winter.


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