Demolition Theater aan de Parade, Den Bosch

26 February 2021

The demolition of the Theater aan de Parade in Den Bosch will start in April and will take five to six months. The job was delayed due to a case that local residents had brought against the Mayor and Aldermen at the Council of State. However, the Dutch highest court ruled against them on Tuesday. B and W want to energetically tackle the work preceding the demolition.

Zoning plan after long meeting
Last October, after a long meeting, the city council gave the green light for the zoning plan to make a new Theater aan de Parade possible. According to alderman Huib van Olden (CDA), this was the 'go' that everyone had been waiting for for years. The Mayor and Aldermen want to open the new Theater aan de Parade, at its current location, in September 2023.

Architectenburo NOAHH is responsible for the design of Theater aan de Parade. NOAHH sees the building as more than just a theatre. It is a multifunctional, irresistible cultural hub. It is the place where you go to relax. A place where you immediately feel at home. The theater is exclusive in offer but inclusive in audience due to its wide reach.

The building fits well within the environment of the Parade. Many smart and sustainable solutions have been incorporated into the building. Such as reuse of parts of the construction and materials. The rooms can be used multifunctionally. Additional rooms will be created that can be used flexibly in the programming. Such as a botanical foyer and a roof terrace. The basement is connected to the foyer, making this floor a real part of the building.

With NOAHH's design, Theater aan de Parade can program more broadly and flexibly. And there is room for meeting.


The newly designed Theater aan de Parade | Footage: NOAHH

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