The starting signal for placing the iLofts given

12 March 2018

Laakhaven is located in the Laak district. This former harbor and industrial area is directly behind Hollands Spoor station. The area is bordered on one side by the railway line and on the other side by the water of the Laak.

Laakhaven West and Petroleumhaven will change in the coming years in modern, contemporary urban areas where people can work and live. The atmosphere of the port is maintained and there are between 1900 and 2100 homes. And there is room for approximately 25,000 square meters of business space, for medium-sized and small businesses, services and catering.

Our client Dutch Housing Company develops and realizes in cooperation with architect Mulleners & Mulleners a new construction project of 43 apartments in Laakhaven-West of The Hague. Tough and stubborn, that's what iLofts has to offer. Five studios are delivered per lorry per day and the building literally grows in front of the new residents. Next week construction starts, this summer the studios will be habitable. There will be a total of 43 studios of approximately 40 square meters each.

The five storey building has an amazing roof terrace where you can relax with your fellow residents and iLofts also offers two BMW i3 electric shared cars that all residents can use. The apartments are produced at the Ursem factory in Wognum.

Pieters is the structural engineer of this project, which will be completed in mid-2018.


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