Stunt Foundation in new accommodation

17 August 2020

Last summer, the Stunt Foundation moved from the industrial building on the Schie to a large, self-developed experience center on Vulcanusweg in Delft: the Upcycle Campus. The building was previously used as a warehouse and office space by a contractor, and now the building has been redeveloped into a workspace for Stichting Stunt. In Schieoevers Noord, an important development area near the socially weaker neighborhoods in Delft, the arrival of the Upcycle Campus gives an enormous impulse to the three strands that the municipality wants to stimulate here: living, working and meeting.

Stunt is a social enterprise. In the work placement companies they make unique products from residual materials for (business) clients. More than a hundred participants are active in one of Stunt's eight training companies, including a lunchroom, sewing workshop, wood workshop and bicycle workshop. Recycling and upcycling are the keywords in the working method; By working with used and discarded materials as much as possible, Stunt contributes to a sustainable and circular city.

The people do voluntary work at the Stunt Foundation, or they are offered an apprenticeship trajectory towards paid work, in collaboration with the municipality of Delft. In any case, they do work that suits them.

Pieters Bouwtechniek is constructor for the new building. The client is Stichting Stunt Delft, the architect is Luz Architecten Delft and the contractor is Van der Ende Bergambacht.

Stunt Foundation does not only work with circular materials, as many materials as possible have also been reused for the new building. The use of the glass panels in the roof and in the interior walls is circular, as they have been taken over from another project. This project was canceled, but the panels had already been produced. The reuse of these glass panels was the starting point in the design.

The steel profiles of the existing building were reused for the construction of the bicycle workshop.

Insulation and PV panels
The existing asbestos-containing roof sheets without insulation have been removed and replaced by insulated roof sheets. PV panels have been placed on the sloping roof on the south and glass panels on the north for daylighting.

New insulated concrete floors were poured for the kitchen and the lunchroom, which are founded on piles.

Real tree trunks from Staatsbosbeheer have been used to provide extra support for the existing wooden roof trusses, so that the loads from the new insulated roof plates, the PV panels and the glass plates can be absorbed.

The renovation is not completely finished yet. They are still finishing the interior walls with sustainable wood.

In the video below, Max Christern drives by Stunt in Rabobank's electric duck to talk about their sustainable work and plans.

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