Tower campus Pauwmolen in Delft comes out of scaffolding

7 December 2020

Towercampus Pauwmolen in Delft is emerging from scaffolding. The upper floors are now free and it is now easy to see what is coming from under the scaffolding.

This project has a gross floor area of ​​almost 15,000 square meters. The residential tower is located along the A13, opposite the football fields of Wippolder. The tower is about 55 meters high and has a slim structural design.

Half of the 285 units are housed in the 17-storey tower. The other homes are located in the plinth building, which also includes a communal area. These houses are suitable for 1- to 2-person households. Parking is largely available in an underground parking garage. There will be a place on the public deck where the students can babecue. A large soundproof screen blocks the noise from the highway. The soundproof screen is made of glass and has a steel construction with concrete buttresses.

De Nederlandse Bouw Unie (NBU) is building Campus 015 Pauwmolen for B-Right Urban Living. Pieters Bouwtechniek ​​​​​​ is a structural engineer. The residential tower is a welcome addition for the municipality of Delft, where there is a lack of affordable housing for this target group.

In 2009 this was the first BIM project in which we clashed in a model together with the architect and installation consultant.

Delivery and rental is scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2021.

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