Progress Bossa Nova, Haarlem

17 January 2022

The construction of Bossa Nova in Haarlem Nieuw-Zuid, designed by Geurst & Schulze Architecten, is in full development. Two round residential towers are currently being built in the Asia Park in the Schalkwijk district. The buildings accommodate 142 energy-efficient owner-occupied apartments.

The cylindrical towers have bronze-coloured aluminum facades and spacious balconies with a maximum size of fifteen square meters. The highest tower, called Bossa, has thirteen floors with a total of 78 homes. The lower Nova tower will have 64 apartments spread over ten floors. A parking garage will be built under the towers.

The houses vary in size from 50 to 130 m². The homes will be delivered 'smart-ready' and very energy-efficient, with a thermal storage system, optimal insulation and solar panels.

The buildings are expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2023.

VMV Projecten B.V had the drone video below made of the status of the project.

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Image: VMV Projecten B.V.

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