Progress Flour Factory, Leiden

16 November 2020

The former Meelfabriek on Oosterkerkstraat in Leiden is being redeveloped: housing, creative workplaces, hotel, spa & fitness, etc. Old factory buildings are being converted, but there is also demolition and new construction. A large part of the complex is a national monument, of which the existing appearance and character will be maintained as much as possible.

The Singeltoren is a new tower to be built that will be added to the complex. The photo on the right clearly shows that the first prefab outer columns of the Singeltoren are currently in place.

The Singeltoren will be a special slender residential tower with a height of 45 meters, containing 30 apartments and 2 penthouses, varying from approximately 104 – 252 m2. The tower is located on Oosterkerkstraat, with a view of the center of Leiden, De Meelfabriek Tuin and Plein.

The Singeltoren will consist of three linked towers with different heights, so that the diversity and composition of the current buildings will match the environment. The division into three volumes gives the Singeltoren a sleek and elegant appearance and provides a subtle addition to the skyline of Leiden.

Image: public webcam Van der Wiel construction

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