Vollers HoogTij progress in Westzaan

19 February 2021

The logistics company Vollers is settling on the port-bound part of the HoogTij industrial estate in Westzaan. Vollers specializes in the transport and storage of so-called soft commodities.

At HoogTij, a large and innovative company building for the storage of cocoa for the processing industry of Cargill will be built along the Zaan. Alderman Hans Krieger, Koen Overtoom of the Port of Amsterdam, owner Christian Vollers of the family business Vollers and CEO Harold Poelma of Cargill Cacao recently drove the first pile. Both Zaanstad and the Port Authority are pleased with the arrival of Vollers Cargill. According to Krieger, the innovative facilities fit in well with HoogTij's ambitions and many companies in the Zaanstreek and in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area contribute to the processing of cocoa into end products. The new construction of the silos should be ready in the autumn of 2021.

The large construction site at the Hoogtij terminal is progressing in leaps and bounds. Everything is going according to plan and all three buildings are already visible.

Pieters Bouwtechniek is a structural advisor. Pieter Bouwkunde takes care of the constructive and architectural elaboration.

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