Concrete Prize 2011

Public Utilities category: IPMMC, Utrecht

Once every two years, the Betonvereniging [Concrete Association], with the support of five other agencies, organizes the Betonprijs to honour good, innovative and creative solutions. It is not the quantity of concrete but its innovative applications that are rewarded.

The new location of IPMMC in Utrecht proves that by applying and combining what appear to be simple concrete applications a beautifully balanced building can be erected. The jury also commended the meticulousness of the de-tailing and the beautiful dimensional divisions. Not only on the façade but throughout the entire building. After all, the careful implementation of the concrete sections is seen not only in the structure and the façade but also throughout the interior. A striking example of this is the incorporation of a parking level in the building. From this level, the main entrance is visible behind glass. Even though, beyond this, no spectacular technique has been utilized, the building has been constructed very brightly and was completed in a short period of time. Source:

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