Concrete Prize 2013

Home Construction category: Huize het Oosten, Bilthoven

Once every two years, the Betonvereniging [Concrete Association], with the support of five other agencies, organizes the Betonprijs to honour good, innovative and creative solutions. It is not the quantity of concrete but its innovative applications that are rewarded.
A new care facility featuring very large and slim Hi-Con balconies, has been built on the Huize het Oosten terrain in Bilthoven. This is a new type of balcony developed for the Dutch market in cooperation with a Danish company. The balconies are one-third the thickness of a traditional balcony and are easy to attach to a building. The building, in its entirety, has a sturdy and fresh, contemporary look. The balconies are made of Compact Reinforced Composite (CRC). The utilization of steel fibre results in an extremely ductile material and makes it possible to place reinforcements close together with a small cover layer. The structures are constructed on the edge of what is possible, yet the thin balconies are extremely strong. The project shows that good architecture and state-of-the-art technology can fit together in perfect harmony.

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