Nationale Steel Prize 2018

Category Residential building: Cheese warehouse, Gouda

Jury report:
The structural adaptation of the steel structure of the old cheese warehouse is just as minimal as ingenious. With a meticulous support construction, a concrete deck could be poured onto the wooden floor to prevent sound transfer between the new dwellings. Inventive engineering leads to less major interventions to save the monument and to convert it into lofts. The steel structure for opening up the houses in the atrium has been designed and executed with care and respect for the old building. The reuse of old material and references to cheese history are commendable. The jury would like to see this kind of charming and thoughtful adaptations to give a second life to monumental buildings, and therefore chooses the Kaaspakhuis as the winner of the National Steel Award for Residential Building.

'Bouwen met Staal' has been organizing the National Steel Award since 1971. The biennial prize is intended as an appreciation for inspiring applications of steel in buildings, road and water works, and visual arts.

Beeldmateriaal: Ossip van Duivenbode

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